Bullying- Is There A Solution?

The roots of bullying, domestic violence and other serious social plagues go very deep, and there is only one who can get down to the root of these problems and bring about genuine, lasting change. That person is God alone.

We might have good intentions, noble feelings, or lofty plans, but only God can transform the heart of man, and this is the one essential ingredient.

As politically incorrect as it may seem in our day and age, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ alone, with its provisions for the forgiveness of sin and the radical transformation of the life, that can bring about change that has any real value.

It is the gospel alone which provides for the needs of both the bullied and the bully, and only the gospel makes the way to get off the treadmill of SELF-seeking...serving...protection...exaltation which leads to all of our social, marital and societal ills.

We hope that many will join with us in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ as THE way to bring about lasting change when it comes to the problem of bullying. While we understand that the Church and God's people have often failed to live according to God's standards and truth, we also know that there is no deficiency in the gospel itself.

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